St Louis Drainage Systems
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Linear Drainage Systems

The concept of storm sewer is used for many years. The number of buildings increases every year, that's why the question of gathering and draining storm and melted water is one of the first to be solved by engineers. With implementation of new technologies the storm sewer got a new look. Now it is a modern and highly efficient system of storm drainage.
The linear drainage is one of the types of storm drainage. Installation of linear drainage does not require serious preparation of the surface; it is enough to have flat slopes at both sides from drainage line. As a result you decrease the possibility of subsidence, decrease the channel length, increase the drainage area. Linear drainage is a system of gutters (channels, trays) and sand traps - containers, where water, filtered from sand and other mud, which is caught in special plastic box, drains into storm sewage. Drainage channels and sand traps are covered with both protective and decorative gratings on the top.

1. Road, sidewalk coverage;
2. Alignment Layer;
3. Road base;
4. Soil;
5. Rain, snow melt water;
6. Sand trap;
7. Drainage channel;
8. Drainage grating;
9. End Cap;
10. Fastener;
11. Storm sewer pipe;
12. Concrete base.

Plastic Channel NP-PC8040

plastic drainage channel 8050

Class: A - C
Length: 39.37''
Width: 6.4''
Height: 8''
Weight: 5.94 lb

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