St Louis Drainage Systems
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The modern drainage system is designed to remove stormwater from an area. Whether the water is a result of melted ice and snow, or runoff from rain, a quality drainage system can help prevent damage to property or injury to people. There are various systems available to provide the protection you need for your home or business. These can range from simple solutions, to highly complex systems.

Drainage systems play a vital role in the preliminary design of parks, residential areas, roads and sidewalks. When surface systems are installed early and correctly, they protect property from a variety of damaging effects. Removal of surface water helps protect building foundations and prevent erosion. Directing storm water to the storm sewer system helps prolong the service life of hard surfaces at your home or business, such as sidewalks, roads and driveways. Unsightly debris is prevented from congesting the area as a result of melting snow and rain runoff.

Saint Louis Drainage Systems is also poised to provide you with all of the accessories you need for modern surface drainage. We have decorative grates and a variety of sizes for collection drains and storm water inlets, as well as various channel sizes. In addition, we are able to offer entrance mats to help keep your properties clean and dry.

Feel free to browse through the pictures of completed projects below:

Residential Areas

Residential Draining Projects

Pedestrian Areas

Pedestrian Area Drainage

Historic Sites

Drainage at Historic Sites


park drainage systems


Drainage in pool areas

Sports Facilities

Drainage in Sports Facilities


Drainage on the roads