St Louis Drainage Systems
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Linear Drainage Systems

Point drainage systems are installed under the gutters of the roofs, door pits,under watering taps and at other places where local water gathering is needed. Abduction of precipitations from the roofs is to be solved together with organization of water gathering around the building. As a result, increases durability of foundations, prevents flooding of basements. Ideally drainage systems should be constructed on the stage of projecting of the building. It allows to prepare places for every drain box.

1. Road, sidewalk surface;
2. Alignment Layer;
3. Road base;
4. Soil;
5. Rain, snowmelt water;
6. Storm water inlet;
7. Partition;
8. Basket;
9. Drainage grating;
10. Storm sewer pipe;
11. Concrete base.

Ductile Cast Iron Grating (Mesh) NP-DG3332

plastic drainage channel 8050

Class: A - C
Length: 11.2''
Width: 11.2''
Height: 0.92''
Weight: 7.7 lb

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