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Linear Drainage Systems

As the positive reputation of the company forms with the impression from it's office, keeping the outside dirt from entering the building is becoming an important issue. Even the most expensive and up to date floor coatings have to stay clean, because it is much easier to protect them than to repair.
A professional approach to cleaning shoes from street dirt, dust and water is an important requirement of projecting, building and repairing standards for buildings, oriented to receive a large flow of visitors.
The very special advantage of such shoe cleaning system is that all dirt and water are held on entrance and inside of the building stays clean. Our system is a hidden way of cleaning, and does not affect the design.


Rubber Entrance Mat "City" NP-EM1001

plastic drainage channel 8050

Length: 16''
Width: 24''
Height: 0.9''
Weight: 1.76 lb

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