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Storm Water Drainage

Drainage System Project

Drainage systems play a crucial role for water management in parks, residential areas, roads, and on sidewalks. A problem, which the modern system of drainage is urging to solve, is not only the increase of the level of ground waters, but also rain and thawed snow.

Quality drainage system increases the lifetime of road surfaces and the foundations of the buildings. Areas with drainage systems are protected from debris congestion brought by the storm water. This does not only complicate traffic on the site, but also is a threat for destroying building foundations.

It is necessary to design a surface drainage during the planning stage, since installation of drainage systems directly affects the waterproofing of the object. Water management includes linear and point drainage systems, each of which carries out a certain function. Linear drainage is intended for collection of storm waters from a large area, and point drainage is necessary for local water management.

Saint Louis Drainage Systems has been in the market since 2000. We have developed a solid reputation as a diligent partner. Any drainage systems distributed by our company, correspond with the requirements of the world quality standards.

Saint Louis Drainage Systems markets and sells multiple accessories for water management.

Today we offer you:

- plastic channels with multiple patterns of gratings to put the storm water out of your way
- drain and trash boxes to catch the leaves and other debris brought by the rain and thawed snow
- entrance mats to keep your properties clean

The products, distributed by Saint Louis Drainage Systems, are known for reliability and durability. The mission of our business is to provide you with invariable quality at the optimum price.

Each type of product is intended to target a certain problem. There are different variations for the design of drainage systems that provide complex protection for the surrounding structures and open areas from surpluses of water.

Here is the list of drainage products we offer in St. Louis.